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Student Fees Collection/Management Software

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Student fees management/collection software is one of the most automated fees calculation software that we can only provide. Apart from being automated it is flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fees payments that all education centre come across. Fees collection is done on the basis of counrse for the students. Our student fees managemnet software automatically calculate pending fees, previous paid details, deduction and concession if any applicable to the selected student.


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Following features included into Student Fees Collection Software

1) Course : Course entry option with Course Name, Course Fees, Course Duration.

2) Student Admission : You can add student, manage student based on course. All running student & completed student you can get list. Each student have unique Student ID. Student details can be searched by Course with student details.

3) Fees Collection : Student fees can be collected from Fees collection modules. Administrator can see all paid student fees, due fees of each student.

4) Expense Head : Our Student Fees Management Software support to create any Expence Head. Add, Manage of each expensed daily or monthly. Adminisrator can check all previous month expenses list.

5) Staff : New office staff can create, manage. Staff salary can be added for each month. Salary slip can be printed out.

6) Balance Sheet : Balance sheet shows income & expenditure of any financial year. Administrator can check list of income and expenditure of any month, year, between From Date and To Date.

7) Sub Admin : Sub administrator or employee can be added into software including username and password. Each sub admin can be logged in into panel and they can collect fees, can take admission of new student.


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