Hotel Management Software

Our hotel management software contained following modules - Dashboard, Change Password, Logout, Create New Hotel, Create Room Type, Dynamic features of facilities create, Stuff create of each hotel, Room Availablity checking features, Booking Details, Check out option, Income/expenses head create option, Balance sheet

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Booking Page

Checkout Page


User Management

1. Manage multiple hotel properties with Management/Super Administrator/Administrator logins.

2. No limit to the number of (staff) user accounts.

3. Real time financial status available to authorized users.


Rates Management

1. Number of seasons covering multiple years supported.

2. Special pricing for holiday, weekend or other short-term event periods.

3. Special pricing for Adults & Children.

4. Support for unlimited Add-on services appropriate Revenue distribution.

5. Negotiated Rates with flexible Commissions/Discounts for travel agents, sources of business etc.

6. Surcharge for extra persons.

7. Daily & Long-stay rates with promotional Discounts.

8. Group discounts/surcharges.

9. Multiple rates & rate types support in a single stay.

11. Articulative rate management grid allowing you to set up and change Daily or monthly rate.

12 Inclusive exclusive set up of rates.


Reservations Management

1. Room status - available/reserved/checked-in/checked-out/blocked.

2. Room availability lookup, summary & stay information grid.

3. Details for a returning guest automatically filled in the reservation screen.

4. Guest details: name, address, email address, fax number, phone number, credit card(s),company,member/number,preferences, free format notesHistoric and current records (mail and email addresses, phone & fax numbers, contact names etc) of and revenues from/payments to travel agents, sources of business, groups, companies etc in a central database.

5. Credit limits for guests, companies, Agents etc.

6. History of guest hotel stays including dates, rates paid, total expenditure, sharers, preferences, notes.

7. Search for a reservation by last name, first name, group name or confirmation number all from a single search.

8. Override standard room rates/packages with appropriate authority.

9. Special guest requests including for a specific room, adjoining rooms, same floor rooms.

10. Late arrival/checkin, early checkin, late checkout (with option to charge extra).

11. Extra bed/cost.

12. Group reservations (multiple rooms under one name/bill).

13. Record name & room number of group leader.

14. Inquiry on guests scheduled to arrive/depart on a specific date.

15. Sources of business/travel agent codes and information (for calculation of and payment of commission).

16. Collection of deposits for room reservations.

17. Reservation confirmations by email or fax.


Online Bookings

1. Integrated Web Booking module for the Hotel website.

2. Enter start/end stay dates and room selection.

3. View real time room availability and price.

4. Real time confirmation of booking to customer.

5. Offer Multiple Rates & Packages based on stay dates.

6. Single & Multiple room bookings with policy based deposits & Guarantees.

7. Automatic creation of Guest account, enabling them to edit their reservation or book a new one.

8. Automatic confirmation email with booking details and policies.

9. TripConnect Instant Booking and Review Express Connect.

10. Link to sell available rooms via GDS/IDS.

11. Channel Management interface like Vertical Booking/SiteMinder to sell rooms via, and other OTAs.



1. Automatic allocation of rooms to guests on check-in for maximum yield and optimal usage of Room Inventory.

2. Accept and post room deposits/key money.

3. Print guest check-in card (option to do so in bulk in advance).

4. Multiple guest names and sharers per room.

5. Cancel Check-ins (before Night Audit).

6. Group check-ins.

7. Negotiated room rate (with appropriate authority).

8. Extending stays.

9. Direct Interface with online Credit Card payments.

10. Secure web based credit card processing.

11. Automatic allocation of breakfasts/meals and other add-on services for inclusive rates.



1. Account/invoice printing with multiple splits & routings.

2. Late check out with option to extra charge.

3. Free format reminder feature for front desk clerk (coming soon).

4. Combine and share bills between Room Sharers and Group Rooms.

5. Move charges between accounts and room bills.

6. Point and click to void or transfer guest transactions.

7. Reinstate checked-out rooms (before Night Audit).

8. Group check-outs.

9. Forms of payment including cheques, traveler’s cheques, debit and credit cards, bill to company.

10. Recording of a reference number for non cash payments (cheque number, authorization code etc).

11. Direct Interface with Credit Card Payments.

12. Secure web based credit card processing.

13. Payment in multiple currencies.

14. Cash counter support.

15. Receipt printing.

16. Guest accounts.

17. Automatic posting of room charges overnight.

18. Suppression/reversal of auto room charges and then manual posting.

19. Automatic invoice to corporate accounts (when due or monthly).


Supplementary Hotel Services

1. POS system for café, convenience store, laundry, tours, travel desk etc.

2. POS system enables staff to accept cash sales or to post charges to the room.

3. POS fully integrated into guest accounts, and sales.

4. POS with touchscreen support and online credit card processing.

5. Charge additionally phone calls, movies, broadband internet etc to the guest's account.

6. Can be used with almost all PABX or PBX systems (Optional) worldwide.

7. Guest messages with delivery confirmations.

8. Task Management between departments and POS.

9. Process Credit Cards Throughout the System (Paypal, etc) - Virtual Payment Terminal.


Financial and Business Reports

1. Prior day, current month to date and current year to date.

2. By cost centre (rooms, phone, internet, café, convenience store, laundry, tours (POS assisted)).

3. House count.

4. Statistical history and forecast.

5. Detailed up-to-the-minute House Status.

6. Rooms availability.

7. Average guest stay duration.

8. Total room revenue; Average room rate, RevPar.

9. Balances by not due, due, overdue and total.

10. Collections by payment method (cash, cheque, MC, Visa etc) & total.


Hotel Administration

1. Aids to revenue management, forecasting, marketing, campaign management (coming soon).

2. Promotional mail or email campaigns (coming soon).

3. Report of guests scheduled to arrive/depart on a specific date.

4. Forecast for Inclusions based on occupancy.

5. Staff training aids.

6. Internal messaging system.