School Management Software

School management system is one kind of software where administrator can easily handle every official work through this software. For example they can handle individual Student's details by individual classes also can handle Students attendants, Students transport system, Results generate, individual teacher details, Teacher attendance, Teacher fees, Employee details, School balance sheet (monthly and yearly wise), Library system, courses, etc all integrated into a single database accessible anytime, anywhere via the web. Administrator accesses it by personal Id and password from Administrator panel.

School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. SMS allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching meteorites etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated. Version 3.0 has added new functionalities and new features.

List of modules of School Management Software

1) Secure Sign In -> Our school software is fully protected and can be access by valid username & password. School authority & Sub Admin can login into this software.

2) Dashboard -> After logged In into system dashboard page will appear from where you can get access or link of each page like student admission, student search, identity card generate, admin card generate, emplyees/teacher, library, exam grading level, examination, extra activites, set of marks, marks entry, report card generate, student fees collection, salary generate, balance sheet, batch transfer, settings etc.

In dahboard can see total number of students, staff, books in library. Also some short quick links is there to access all pages in dashboard. We make it user friendly to access all modules from dashboard page.

3) Settings ->
a) Sub Admin - School Authority can create their staff/sub admin who can access the software and perform all action like student admission, fees collection etc. You can set access of list of modules by Sub Admin.
b) Session - Before start student admissionin one academic year school authority need to create that particular session name like 2016-2017, 2017-2018.
c) Class - List of class need to put under Settings that is one time entry. Ex Class I, Class II, Class III.
d) Section - Section need to be created based on each class of that school.
e) Subject Group - Subject group need to be created for each class.
f) Subjects -> List of subjects of particular class can be set from here.
g) Fees Category -> List of fees category need to create under Settings of each class. Ex. Admission fees, Computer fees, Session Fees etc.
h) Fees Structure - Fees amount of each class and each fees category can be set under Settings.
i) Employer Role - List of employee's role can be created under Settings.
j) Salary Slab - List of all salary slab need to create before entry of emplyee's.
k) Allowance & Allowance Percenage - List of allowance & Percentage of each allowance must be created under Settings.

4)Stduent Admission - New student can entry under Admission module. Based on current session, class and section new student can take admission. Roll number will be automatically generated based based on class & section. Each student will get Admission number after take admission & admission number is unqiue.

5) Identity card - > Identity card can be generated for each student.

6) Admit card -> Admit card can be generated for each student.

7) Search students - This part is very important and useful. Because administrator can search any student by student's admission no. Even anybody can find out pass out students information also. If they would lose their admission no. then administrator can search by student's session, class, and section wise.

8) Teacher - There are available all options what information generally has needed for a teacher details information like Role, Slab, Employee id, Name, Phone no, Address, Qualification, Joining date, photos etc. Administrator just put student’s information according to available options.

9) Library - Manage book, Issue book, Return book and Book renewal all options are available in here. Librarian can easily handle their library.

10) Exam Report - Administrator can generate exam report from here by choosing session, class, section, student name and exam name after that the report will be generated automatically.

11) Income / Expenditure Head - This option created for some common expenses like electric bill, phone bill etc.

12) Income / Expenditure - Administrator can see all income and expenses with explanation from here.

13) Fees Collection - Administrator can put student's fees collection details in here after that he/she can also check individual student’s fees details from here.

14) Batch transfer - If need to any student transfer batch then also become change his or her Roll number, batch id. All changes are done by there.

15) Balance Sheet - All monthly or yearly balance can add or change from here.

16) SMS & Email Features - SMS & Email Features inclued in all necessary modules.